Woman Go Out of Their Way, but NEVER Men

I was watching a certain television show specifically about dating, and I realized that in the real world just as this one fictional show based on true events of a real person, it seems as if that it’s always the woman who makes the sacrifices for a man, but NEVER the other way around. At the end of that episode, the woman returns to the man. As much as humans have advanced economically, it is a problem that the majority of men on this planet are extremely lazy. MOST men refuse to be courteous to women, they refuse to take … Continue reading Woman Go Out of Their Way, but NEVER Men

New Year and New Technology

Everyone involved with technology in some form, is trying to create the next and greatest product. There is so much competition in creating the perfect piece of tech hardware. Many have failed at pitching the idea to major markets all while only a small few have succeeded. So why are some products or companies more successful than others? What is it that major companies are looking for? What are the consumers looking for? The 2 hot items on most people’s list are to have an amazing smartphone and the best mileage vehicle. For both, it’s all about the convenience factor … Continue reading New Year and New Technology