Woman Go Out of Their Way, but NEVER Men

I was watching a certain television show specifically about dating, and I realized that in the real world just as this one fictional show based on true events of a real person, it seems as if that it’s always the woman who makes the sacrifices for a man, but NEVER the other way around. At the end of that episode, the woman returns to the man.

As much as humans have advanced economically, it is a problem that the majority of men on this planet are extremely lazy. MOST men refuse to be courteous to women, they refuse to take a woman out on a date but instead skip to demanding sex right away. Younger and less relationship experienced women are naïve and give into men who just want to have sex with them with the result of abandonment. No matter a man’s race and age, they’re getting more disrespectful and rude, as well as they’re not lovers who fight to win the girl, they expect the women to come to them.

Women who get employment promotions, sacrifice their social, family, and even their romantic life so that they can be their own financial provider. Men nowadays NEVER make those sacrifices the way women have. Women sacrifice their personal life of not having children so they could have a prestigious education and career to follow. Men, however, can have children at any time in their life as long as the woma(e)n he impregnates is below thirty-five.

For some people they claim that there is a women’s lib movement, but in reality there hasn’t been much done for women, when in truth matters have become worse! Men don’t pay for dates, men demand free sex, men only chase after thin figured women with large fake breasts, and what do has this amounted for women in return? Women work harder, men don’t provide anymore because they’re lazy, a man can be less educated than a woman but due to a change in the times, it’s unexpected the other way around since men demand women to take care of them. Woman are getting more naïve thinking that this is acceptable when in truth, it’s NOT! What do women get out of a relationship when they are the money maker? Disappointment and men who come and go with no remorse or even compassion.

So woman need to start taking a stand against men. Women need to demand numerous dates from a man before he’s allowed to make a move for anything sexual, especially intercourse. Women in relationships with men need to hold hostage of their significant other’s cellphone and other tech devices with password access to everything to make sure the man isn’t philandering with other partners. There should be a rule for NO OPEN relationship, with zero exceptions.

The old fashioned way, was that the man was the financial provider, but now they’re not. Women with families don’t even breastfeed their infants because they opt to use formula so that their husband/boyfriend can stay at home instead and be a bum. What women need to know that have decided to return to work after giving birth and have their significant other stay at home is this: ALL stay at home fathers LIE to all the naïve and attractive women they meet when they take their infant on outings while the “wife” is at work. Men LIE to other women saying that they’re wife is a “bad heartless person”. ALL those stay at home fathers LIE to the other women claiming their wife is unemotional and abusive.

So women out there, make that sacrifice for a better career for you and no one else! Women need to force and insist that men pay for numerous dates before anything sexual is allowed. And lastly, women need to stop dressing sexy for a while so that men can learn to appreciate them for their intelligence and not their figure.


New Year and New Technology

Everyone involved with technology in some form, is trying to create the next and greatest product. There is so much competition in creating the perfect piece of tech hardware. Many have failed at pitching the idea to major markets all while only a small few have succeeded. So why are some products or companies more successful than others? What is it that major companies are looking for? What are the consumers looking for?

The 2 hot items on most people’s list are to have an amazing smartphone and the best mileage vehicle. For both, it’s all about the convenience factor before money becomes the next issue. People have been going out of their way to obtain such luxuries, so far as to robbing others who already have what they don’t have and to extreme measures of murder to have the latest and greatest.

In more urban communities, the main item people aim to get is the latest smartphone since driving is something they don’t do. Particularly with the elderly, they have been targets of crime whether they’re robbed in general, attacked by a knife, or even threatened by a gun for their smartphones and tablets, which are usually gifts to them from their children or grandchildren. What is it about the smartphones that people feel like they even need so desperately? Most persons only use their smartphone for basic uses such as making a phone call and texting. Some might even use it to access the Internet.

Having the latest devices is a chore to some while for others, it’s merely still a luxury to own. It costs a lot of money to even make such lavish purchases. What is it that people are trying to get at by having the newest equipment? There is only so much we humans can do to obtain information quickly at our fingertips but for some it’s never enough!

New technology products are being presented on the news on a daily basis. Some products get more promoting than others, while many suffer an ill fate. Some of the new products are useful for every day use while some have very little use or only cater to a small market of consumers. There is a plethora of information on all the new products to which, only a small margin of people truthfully research what all the products are and how to operate.

We live in a time where we just can’t keep up with all the new technologies. The designers and developers who contribute to the creation of the new tech, have to constantly update their products that do become successful. We have to update our life to those changes as well.