Tierra Nueva Cruz milk chocolate bars – melt over stovetop on low heat in a non-stick pot

Milk product of choice – pour a little at a time until desired flavor of choice.



Whisk the milk and melted chocolate while on low heat.


Serve into a mug while warm.

Whip cream is optional!


[You don’t need to add sugar or any additional sweeteners because the Cruz milk chocolate bars are already sweet enough.]


Where can you find this chocolate brand:

I met some reps for this brand at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 in San Francisco, California.



“Heartbreakers For The Heartachers”



Men, they are always determined to break a woman’s heart. Do they even care about the woman? No, never. That is how heterosexual relationships are.

In most lesbian relationships, one of the women tends to be neurotic while the other one is forced to be saner.

In gay relationships between men, it’s like that of lesbians aside from the difference in genders.


I know from personal experience, men like me initially for my spunky personality, but ALL of them don’t want to have a romantic relationship with me. ALL the heterosexual men I’ve met in my adult life, have tried to make me be their casual fling rather than as a special significant other. ALL those men either claim that they don’t want a dating relationship with me, when in fact, they date other women. On the flipside, they’ve ALL opted to be dating, even marry women they’ve denied whom wasn’t “their type”. It’s all garbage.

Men try to control women. MANY women allow themselves to be controlled, while some such as myself, prefer to be more in control of a dating relationship. There are strong women types who’ve allowed themselves to get suckered in to bad men. Alicia Keys sang songs about how men were terrible have been to her, only to marry a man who has many other children by other women. Even Kelly Clarkson married a man who’s been previously married with other children. All of those who seemed like strong figures, were suckered to fall for terrible men, when all along, they were the other woman!

Some women such myself, figure out quickly when, a man isn’t being faithful or is lying about their relationship status. I’ve men A LOT of men who’ve ALL lied that they are single, when in fact, none of them are! They’ve ALL lied to try to have sex or something of that regard. I’ve met and heard every excuse a man can make. It doesn’t matter what his racial heritage is or even his age, they ALL lie about being single. They all lie to women that they want to with her, when in fact, they are only chasing a one night stand.

I’ve been hurt too much by men who seemed like they wanted to be with me, when in fact none of them do. Men all say that they want an intelligent woman, but none of them end up with one. Men ONLY want someone who’s naïve that they can control, and only a dumb female will subject to their cruelty. Men hate strong women, they always have and will forever despise a strong female.

It’s quite clear that young heterosexual males even refuse to get married anymore as young men used to want that in their life. With so much variety of women to choose from, men don’t desire to marry and would rather have casual sex with numerous partners.

Men will say the same about women. They complain about how women refuse to commit when in fact women are equally looking for more sex with men because they’re only chasing after who has the biggest penis to satisfy them. MOST women don’t realize that it isn’t all about a man having a gigantic penis that would equal good sex, when in fact, it’s about being in love and having a connection with someone.

I know of A LOT of men who’ve been with women that they’ve constantly had unprotected sex, resulting in them becoming pregnant and selfish enough to abort more than once a year. Women prostituting themselves is the oldest professional for them since the beginning of time. Many women, even in modern times, continue to chase men for sex and money, never really going about to make something greater of themselves. Men are naïve to the ways of the conniving women because they’re only chasing sex from women who will only empty out their financials.

What kind of world have we become? People are selfish and it doesn’t matter which gender they identify with. We can’t change others, but we can most definitely change who we are as a person. Just because the masses act and behave a certain way, doesn’t mean soooo many of us must be narcissistic like the rest. We need to be mindful of our own feelings and that of others. People chose to be terrible and selfish even when they come initially come off as pleasant and kind. It’s an act to be nice at first, but the deception is what’s hiding underneath it all. Men are terrible liars and cheaters, but women are as horrible as them.


Men have been conning women by offering romance and shelter since the beginning of time. Over the millenniums and centuries, women have learned to con men back but in a different way, with sex. Women have come to learn that men don’t care about love and romance, which caused them to become cold and avoiding of settling down. Men were the first to be heartbreakers towards women. Women originally suffering from heartaches from the promises men would only lie about. Both genders are heartbreakers. Both genders suffer from heartache.

“Learning Something New From What’s Old”



Whether we are a man or women, we must be careful about the sexual and romantic relationships that we get involved with! Many people get highly involved with the excess of drugs and alcohol that they can’t keep up with employment and maintaining a steady life. Many persons are also living a life with severe mental health issues that they’re not receiving medication to control their troublesome ways. So, what’s new that we can learn from the oldest idea ever? We need to learn how to be cautious and at times, step away from certain friends and significant others who refuse to take care of their mental health.


It is not a bad thing to leave a person we love such as a friend or significant other who is not taking care of their mental health. The people with severe mental health issues deny that there is something wrong with themselves because their brain lies to them. It’s difficult when dealing with a family member with mental health issues, since in most families they’re in denial that their loved one is suffering.

There’s a rise in the number of people with schizophrenia, most go undiagnosed or even untreated. There are various forms of schizophrenia but it is those with more severe cases that are living a life of being untreated and troublesome. For the longest time, it was believed that people weren’t violent, when in fact they are when their either misdiagnosed being prescribed the wrong medication or just untreated. Many people trigger their own symptoms through the chemical imbalance of consuming hard drugs, alcohol, and even marijuana.

In all major city areas around the world, almost all the older people who are homeless, have been living a life with schizophrenia and are not medicated to control it. All the older people have been getting by through life where those around them merely accepted their quirkiness. All those persons with untreated schizophrenia, have peaked a point in their life where they couldn’t maintain employment resulting in loss of housing where they become homeless. With all those persons, their own family members are in denial that there’s something mentally wrong with them. For those who eventually get treatment, their family members take advantage of them for their naïve manners while others continuously deny the extreme conditions.


So, the purpose of this article is to take notice of when we have friends and our significant others who have abnormal quirks. The most accessible is alcohol that contributes to a person’s decline. People are the most unstable with romantic relationships, friendships, and employment when they are uncontrollable alcoholics. Family members always just accept their relative for their terrible ways rather than help them improve in life. The next thing that isn’t good for some people, is marijuana, due to the chemicals that are involved to make it medicinal resulting in an imbalance in the brain. Hard drugs are an obvious form that decomposes a person physical and mental capacity.


Whether we’re dealing with friend and/or lovers, it’s important that we make sure that they’re mentally stable. Lovers and friends can easily take us down in the pits of despair if we allow ourselves to subject to their mental imbalance to take control. Many people have lost out on housing and were fired from jobs all because they allowed their mentally ill friends and/or lovers to control them. Many people are desperate for love and friendship that they allow the unstable ones to ruin them, losing everything they’ve worked hard for.

If we honestly care about our friends and/or lovers, we’d make sure they receive help to cope with their psychological chemical imbalance. When dealing with lovers, it’s much worse, for we shouldn’t be in any romantic or sexual relationship with them. Most persons are extremely naïve, but it’s for the best interest that we notice and encourage those who need help.


What caused so many people to be mentally ill? There are wide variety of reasons. A lot of people are unaware of the family heritage and those they have children with. Also, many people inbreed in some form which resulted in their future offspring to develop a brain imbalance of chemicals. A lot of women are desperate to have sex with any men, which caused them to have children with severe mental issues. Both men and women have contributed to their own incapacities all because they were naïve to consume and use drugs and alcohol. When people breathe in toxins from their falling apart home or apartment, that contributes to their mental state to deteriorate slowly and when they have children, they suffer from being mentally ill.


A mental handicap is worse than a physical one. We cannot see a person’s mental state since it’s internal. A person’s actions and having a certain appearance contributes to the obvious that a person is mentally ill, and at times, could have the most extreme of them all, schizophrenia. If people are not properly cared for, we will see more people homeless on city streets and more crimes to be committed.

“Back to Work, Businesses Are NOT Off to a Good Start in 2017”



While on my way to work to the downtown area, I noticed after taking care of some errands, A LOT of businesses have recently closed. Some of the businesses have been around for a long time while others were short lived. In all, they’re all closed with either a “for lease” or “for sale” sign(s) on the windows and/or doors. About a month ago, all those companies were in business, but now they’re gone. What happened?


The companies that are no longer in business in what seemed like a flourishing establishment, consisted of various industries such as tech, restaurants, privately owned coffee shops, bars, shopping stores, vehicle dealerships, independent schools, non-profit healthcare centers, and misc. start-ups. EVERY industry has been affected with the increase of prices for various retail space.

Also, many companies aren’t making any profit to stay afloat in their respected industry. It doesn’t matter how nice and friendly the employees are, if a company isn’t generating some income to profit, they will not last very long. Many companies have had no choice but to go under or have themselves be acquired by a higher organization.


What I’ve mentioned is above is in San Francisco. I don’t personally know how businesses in other markets have defuncted, since I haven’t been to those locations yet, this year. The year is not on a good start for businesses in San Francisco, especially when tech companies, restaurants, and shopping stores have been shut down, rather than be relocated due to remodeling purposes.


Many other companies that are widely known which are based in other major cities across the globe, have been mentioned in the mainstream news since the beginning of the new year. Why? They’re failing! Many companies hire too quickly, while the majority of the founders (usually white male) hire their close friends (frat bro from college) who refuse to understand any business structure.  Most start-ups in tech, new stores, and new restaurants, don’t know how to make a profit as well as they only comp their friends with free food, clothes, etc., rather than market to the masses. Any person with a degree will brag about which university or college they attended, but the mass majority of them have zero life skills to survive in the real world!


In the USA, numerous people put blame that Donald Trump was elected as President. In England, the general population blame the economic downfall on Brexit. Greece doesn’t know how to handle their money. India and China have their citizens in extreme income brackets of extremely wealthy living in mansions to complete poverty stricken living in tents or paper thin shacks along a street. Could 2017 be the next economic failure? Some industries within are thriving while others are dwindling.


With all the new products that are created and sold, business should be rising but few are. Shopping stores of all types are suffering because most people buy what they need over the internet. Young people may lack cooking skills, but they rely heavily on catered meals at work or fast food, resulting restaurants to shut down from the lack of business.

Retail and commercial spaces are getting expensive in all the major city markets around the globe. Commercial real estate firms would rather lease space to a company for a couple of years, rather than just sell a piece of property. They do this because after 2-5 years, a real estate company will be able to increase prices to the next tenants, so-as-to profit instead of suffer a financial loss. Even with residential property, home owners would rather profit from renting out apartments, rooms, and even their own home in a major city area than to sell it.


With so many commercial spaces available in the beginning of 2017, will those spaces be occupied soon to prevent a financial loss? Even in other news outlets, many well-known retailers and tech companies are closing their offices and shops in many locations. The economy is starting the new year as a failure. People are being shifted for employment and even those who were previously self-employed are working for others. It doesn’t matter what industry, they are ALL coming down to a halt.