Tierra Nueva Cruz milk chocolate bars – melt over stovetop on low heat in a non-stick pot Milk product of choice – pour a little at a time until desired flavor of choice. *NO SUGAR*   Whisk the milk and melted chocolate while on low heat.   Serve into a mug while warm. Whip cream is optional!   [You don’t need to add sugar or any additional sweeteners because the Cruz milk chocolate bars are already sweet enough.]   Where can you find this chocolate brand: I met some reps for this brand at the Winter Fancy Food … Continue reading LUXURY HOT CHOCOLATE

“Heartbreakers For The Heartachers”

    Men, they are always determined to break a woman’s heart. Do they even care about the woman? No, never. That is how heterosexual relationships are. In most lesbian relationships, one of the women tends to be neurotic while the other one is forced to be saner. In gay relationships between men, it’s like that of lesbians aside from the difference in genders.   I know from personal experience, men like me initially for my spunky personality, but ALL of them don’t want to have a romantic relationship with me. ALL the heterosexual men I’ve met in my adult … Continue reading “Heartbreakers For The Heartachers”

“Learning Something New From What’s Old”

    Whether we are a man or women, we must be careful about the sexual and romantic relationships that we get involved with! Many people get highly involved with the excess of drugs and alcohol that they can’t keep up with employment and maintaining a steady life. Many persons are also living a life with severe mental health issues that they’re not receiving medication to control their troublesome ways. So, what’s new that we can learn from the oldest idea ever? We need to learn how to be cautious and at times, step away from certain friends and significant … Continue reading “Learning Something New From What’s Old”

“Back to Work, Businesses Are NOT Off to a Good Start in 2017”

    While on my way to work to the downtown area, I noticed after taking care of some errands, A LOT of businesses have recently closed. Some of the businesses have been around for a long time while others were short lived. In all, they’re all closed with either a “for lease” or “for sale” sign(s) on the windows and/or doors. About a month ago, all those companies were in business, but now they’re gone. What happened?   The companies that are no longer in business in what seemed like a flourishing establishment, consisted of various industries such as … Continue reading “Back to Work, Businesses Are NOT Off to a Good Start in 2017”