It’s Funny…

It’s funny when you have it all going for you and money too that all your family and “friends” wanna spend time and be best friends with you. But it’s not funny when you lose it all and not a soul will help you out or even be of sincere comfort during your time of loss.



“I don’t want your leftovers!”

So recalling what a bully Christina B. said to me back in our high school days, got me thinking about what I had said to her that I need to continue to apply.

Christina B. approached me during concert choir class at almost the end of our senior year and said to me that she broke up with Adam, “I broke it off with Adam so you can have him!”

I responded back, “I don’t want your leftovers!”

So as those days are long gone, Adam is married now with kids to someone else and the last I knew, Christina B. had married some guy. Well who cares about those fuckers, I moved on and took on a more adventurous life than they did! Sure my life isn’t perfect and I’ve had my fair share of mistakes and mishaps, but overall, there are only certain matters I wish I could change, while the rest turned out to be more adventurous.

For the most part, what I said back then as a very virginal girl came off as intelligent. I just have to remind my own self of the words I’ve previously said and apply it! In all truth as time has gone by, I’ve learned to NEVER fight over a man! No man is worth it! There are too many men out there in the world, so there’s no good and legit reason to fight over one with another female. My own learning experience has been the following:

A certain ex- of mine had gotten together with a much younger girl. He did tell her slanderous things about me that she had come to believe at the time when she got together with him. She even had this air that she was better than me. So, she eventually married and had a couple of kids by him, then after her last child, she suddenly came to her senses. She realized that he IS an irresponsible idiot and then some! The only problem now is that she can’t just get up and take her kids because she knows what he’ll do to her, take the kids away from her and label her the irresponsible one as he did to me when in truth, he’s the one who is VERY irresponsible! I never had to tell that girl anything, but I did always snub her before and surely enough it took her several years to catch on why I did so. In other words, I was RIGHT! I don’t take back anyone who thinks they’re better or can get better than me. I know I’m the better person but I chose not to brag about it openly.

Even with some recent situations with a couple of guys, hopefully the next females catch on and see that those guys aren’t any good and hopefully have the will power to leave.

So when the next chick thinks that I want her man, I’ll say the same thing as I did before, “I don’t want your leftovers!”

O gosh, I’m such a smart ass sometimes…



(There’s no set order of which one is better, but they’re all good and I’ve seen them all.)

  1.       Out of the Furnace (released in theaters December 2013): Christian Bale is Welsh born and plays the elder brother to Casey Affleck’s character. The premises of the movie takes place in Pennsylvania. This movie is just under two hours long.
  2.   Warrior (released in theaters September 2011): Both of the men playing brothers are not American. In fact, Tom Hardy who’s the younger brother is British and Joel Edgerton who’s the elder brother is Australian. This movie is a little over two hours long and the MMA fight scenes make this film well worth it.
  3.     The Fighter (released in 2010): Christian Bale isn’t American born but Mark Wahlberg who portrays the younger brother is. In fact, Mark is older than Christian in real life!
  4.    Four Brothers (released in 2005): All actors are American in this movie. The four brothers in the movie are adopted. Mark Wahlberg is the eldest of the adopted brothers and ironically, he’s the youngest of all his siblings in reality!
  5.   Last of the Mohicans (released in 1992): Daniel Day-Lewis isn’t American but portrays an American man who is adopted into a Native American family.


“Sometimes the guy or girl who tells you everything, isn’t the right person for you. They tell you all their dark secrets and at times, they even discuss all their relationship and life issues with you. That doesn’t mean that they want you. In fact, they usually NEVER do! They just want someone who’s very vulnerable to vent with and they picked you since to them, they knew you’d be naive. When you think you can tell them about all your life problems, they honestly don’t care. And what little you do tell them about your personal life and problems, they’ll use it against you later when they can’t cope with the madness of their own life that their other friends refuse to listen to them complain. That person is just using you and until you take a stand against them, they’ll keep doing so. They will swear to you that they are not out or had intentions to hurt your feelings, but deep down their bitter soul, they lied to you that they wouldn’t. If you hooked them up to a polygraph, it’d prove that they were just using you when none of their other friends and lovers gave them the attention they desired and that you did when no one else would. That person is selfish and insists otherwise that they are not. In the end, realize that person has no love in their heart and that people who come from 2 parent households until adulthood, are the ones who prey upon those who are somewhat gullible since they didn’t have that luxury.”