Notes from Marketing with Zendesk

New Era Customer Relationships:

1. Don’t overestimate your importance in the customer’s life.
2. Consider the entire customer experience.
3. Recognize the right relationships and adapt.
4. Be something actual humans can relate to.
5. Be transparent.
6. Empower your people to do what’s best.
7. Put a face to your customers.

Zendesk at Bentley Reserve
But, CRM success can be elusive
Zendesk at Bentley Reserve
Many companies use CRM as a foundation for customer engagement
Zendesk at Bentley Rerserve
What are their journeys?
How does your CRM support your customers in a personalized, pain free and proactive way to get their job done?
How does your CRM support your customers in a personalized, pain free and proactive way to get their job done?
Zendesk at Bentley Reserve
How do you modernize engagement experiences?


Fashion Quote

NEVER ask your same sex friends for fashion advice. Why? They just want you to look awful while they look amazing since they are determined to get more attention than you and it doesn’t matter if any of the persons are married, single, or dating someone. They ALL are out to get attention from men and women, so that’s why you should NEVER ask your “close” friends for fashion advice!

Signs You’re a True Hipster Based in Brooklyn or San Francisco

You wear dull and faded colored clothing.
You wear a hoodie verses a jacket.
If you smoke, it’s American Spirit cigarettes or you use a vape or e-cig.
If you’re a marijuana smoker, you smoke from a bowl or pipe.
You wear Vans or Converse shoes.
You wear company t-shirts every day (with a company hoodie if it’s cold out).
For computer developers, they only mainly code in Ruby or Java.
For game developers, they only work for smaller companies and diss corporations.
Guys wear skinny denim or khakis.
Girls wear a wide leather brown belt with a faded colored print knee length dress along with knee high low heel brown boots.
You to do yoga at least once a week at a private studio at the end of your work day verses at a gym.
You barely shower.
If you’re from out of state, you never changed your drivers license yet your car has an instate license plate but obtained an in-state ID.
You wear glasses just for looks rather than to correct vision.
Have a MacPro computer and a Samsung Galaxy phone.
Are a vegan but not pro PETA.
Drink beer from a keg.
Live with a bunch of people in a tiny apartment that’s very filthy with hardwood floors.
Would rather hack than socialize.
Naïve socially.
Only dine at local cafes where they claim their food is organic and fresh when in fact the food is over priced dull tasting food.
Have a bachelor degree and have a low paying contract job.
Live more at the casual office over living at the apartment and all your friends are coworkers.
Prefer crew neck shirts, if you’re a guy.
Drink expensive pour over coffee at long lined coffee shops.
Guys prefer partial growing beards.
Gals don’t wear makeup and if they do, they only wear coral.
Carry gigantic backpacks.
Girls lay hair flat and looks stringy all the time since they don’t brush.
Average dinner is local beer from a keg and pizza.
Girls wear low boots with short dress and ankle length leggings.
Order a lot of food at restaurants only to abandon all of it after 3-4 bites while while poor homeless people are begging for food and money outside all the while ignoring then.
Comes from well off families but act as if they were raised poor.
Don’t understand the true idea of poverty.
Wear expensive clothes that look like they came from a thrift store from the ’80’s.
Pail skin.
If have a vehicle, only drive a Prius or similar type.
Wears Apple ear buds connected to their phone and not listen to music.
Lives only for EDM.
You save up for EDC in NYC or LV.
Don’t watch TV.
Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are their heroes.
ALWAYS sounds fake in they way they talk.
The straight guys dress like stereotype gay men.
Don’t know how to clean.
You don’t have health insurance so you create a fund raiser to pay off your hospital and doctor bill(s).
Put recycling and compost together yet pretend to care for the environment and waste electricity, food, and water.
Shop for only organic produce without knowing what it truly means.
ALL white guys only date Asian guys or girls for many years but will never marry them.
Would rather meet a potential significant other from a dating app only to diss those you meet, rather than just meet new people you encounter daily.
Would rather spend a hot day at a city park than go relax by the coast.
You don’t believe in having a family and settling down.
You spend your public transit commute on Facebook or merely texting to fake friends complaining about others to others mostly about your dating life yet you ignore the hot single person sitting beside you.
You refuse to give up you seat on crowded public transit to the elderly, disabled, pregnant women, and someone with a small child when you’re not even going far.
Men are highly sexist of women and women are jealous of other women over stupid petty matters.
White girls hate all other Asian types of women since they swear they are taking their white guys away.
Guys from other areas date psychotic local girls who allow them to control their life yet local girl insists on an open relationship claiming she’s bisexual to be with other women when in fact she’s hooking up with other guys and refuses the whipped boyfriend he can’t be with anyone else, especially no female friends.

Alternative Energy: Environmentally Friendly and Safer Long Term

Panel discussion on solar energy storage
Panel discussion on solar energy storage
Panel discussion on solar energy storage
Panel discussion on solar energy storage


You’d think that with all the newer forms of technology, to save energy, people and companies will install solar panels on the ceilings or yards of their place of business or home. President Obama has encouraged the use of alternative energy with the installation of solar panels, yet utility companies rejected his idea. Germany and Taiwan are active users and installers of having solar panels in their countries to preserve the use of electricity. Many companies have been setting up facilities in Central America, especially southern Mexico, since they get the most sun all year long. But how is it that a great idea be such a problem?

In places such as the USA, there are so many building codes and regulations that are broken down to: federal, state, and then county. In highly populated states such as California, the building policies differ greatly in San Diego and Los Angeles to San Francisco. In southern California, the building codes and laws allow for more to be done to a commercial and residential property where as in northern California, everything is extremely limited, not allowing much to be done for a greater good in both forms. Companies need to step in and influence political persons about the importance of saving and using alternative energy.

Panel discussion on solar energy storage
Panel discussion on solar energy storage

Most of the southern states in America allow for solar panels to be installed onto their business building(s) and homes since they get the most sun all year long. Also, what is a problem in most places are the elements that go into making the wafers and semiconductors that go along with the solar panels. In states such as California, it’s illegal to have certain elements that go into making the semiconductors for panels since they building laws aren’t up to date to match what needs to be done. Persons who are not part of the solar and semiconductor industry will always exclaim that the elements are a hazard when in fact they are not. Most persons who are against it usually only rely on government handouts for both residential and commercial means of living never adventuring out on their own.

Panel discussion on solar energy storage
Panel discussion on solar energy storage

Do people honestly care about the future for their offspring? It’s about a half and half answer! For persons who do care about the environment, it’s not so much about saving energy, it’s about saving the planet, not only to be “green” but to make sure we can actually live a longer life all by the using alternative energy. Several companies are taking charge on making sure they’re using this. Coal is damaging the environment and the health of people, so why not opt for solar panels since it generates energy from the sun? People and especially smaller governments need to take action, not only for others, but for the selfishness of themselves.


Home Designs via PCBC (Pacific Coast Builders Conference)


In most of America, to have a home built from the ground up is possible, but in places such as along the coastal area of California from the San Francisco Bay down to San Diego, homes are in high demand due to many people moving within that stretched area. People aren’t necessarily having children who grow up and need their own place to live within that portion of California, rather, it’s the people moving into the regions for employment, mainly with tech and film companies. Homes are built nowadays in the coastal area of California on extremely narrow lots, with an average width of space consisting of twenty feet or less. Homes are built taller in the California coastal area where as in the American mid-west and eastern regions, homes are built land that are wider than taller. Homes previously built in California coastal area were two levels consisting of the garage underneath and the rest was a small family residential. Even though people are not having larger families as they used to, newer homes that are being built have rooms put in within for fun and social activities. People want billiards rooms part of their homes, a theater, and on the outside, custom swimming pools with Jacuzzi built in the ground at the end of the lot.
In area such as southern California consisting of the Los Angeles area down to San Diego, the weather is warmer and sunny throughout most of the year, and the one thing that home designers and builders are doing is creating living space in part with the outdoors. Designers and builders are maxing out as much as they can in height since there is little to work with in width and depth in many lots in housing communities. Family rooms and dens were previously built enclosed and on the lower level, now they are built on the rooftops to new homes with wide expansive views of either landscape or water.
For the most part, PCBC is a yearly conference held in either San Francisco or San Diego. Many companies based in California are present to show their products for the California or west coast region of the USA. Places such as California has different building needs in comparison to other states. The laws have specific building code that differ as well as structures are different since California is known for having earthquakes, so many homes and buildings have to be earthquake compliant. California has different building needs. Most new homes built in California are taller but not widely built as well less bedrooms and more space for social activities within. Building structures are changing, mostly due to lack of urban lots being smaller and fenced amongst neighbors, a matter that wasn’t in place 60 years ago when many initial developments were starting to be built for new growing families. Trends to building new homes is changing due to the needs of the people who are purchasing and living in them. To be a home owner in the new millennium isn’t the same as it used to be so to adhere to the changes, makes a difference so that people can live comfortably according to their needs.

“Why Many Non-American Business Professionals HATE Doing Business with Americans”




Why is it that people from other parts of the world hate doing business with Americans? Well, the answer is very simple: Americans take EVERYONE to court! European professionals despise the business practices that Americans have to which they also have in their private life and that is to sue everyone and try to get every bit of money from the next person. Professionals from South America are just frustrated when dealing Americans. African business professionals set out to come do business in America only to go back home. Most Asians have no patience when dealing with their American colleagues.


People from other parts of the world hate that the personal and private lives of Americans is just uncouth. Even former lovers/spouses are ALL suing another just for money only and not for how it used to be, for custody of the child(ren). In reality, America is the melting pot for every sort of business imaginable. People have come from all over to set up their business in America only to leave the country or just shut the whole firm down. America is the easiest way to create a business due to all the government funding that people receive but it’s only a matter of time that people lose all of their financial aid to stay afloat due to poor spending habits on luxury cars that they can’t even drive since all sports vehicles are manual.
Many people from other parts of the world whom have come to America and have seen how the way people dress in a business office is not how the standards used to be. Women who work in business offices either dress slutty or extremely sloppy. Men go to work in a t-shirt and denim whereas the old norm for American men was to wear a suit with a tie. Times have changes and so have business practices. In other parts of the world, if a person is having a medical emergency, everyday people help out. In the USA, no one helps a person for their all fear of is getting sued either by that person or their family members. Even doctors in America try to avoid having to take part in any medical procedure since they know most persons families would LOVE to sue the hospital for so much money that it’d hinder the employment of others who are/were not part of the surgery that had to be taken cared.


There’s a good reason why a good number of people who are American have left the country to do business elsewhere. It may take longer to set up a business in another country due to the laws, but to stay established is much better since people in other countries don’t try to sue people for every little drop of money. Currency exchanges may be very different, but it’s the morals of business that have dwindled in America that have caused many good companies from around the world to avoid making a permanent move to.


So, can the average American even stand on their own if there was a business professional apocalypse? The answer is, NO, NEVER! Outsiders, in the end, would not save any business in America all because they know, that the American will sue them after they gave a helping hand. All companies that were initially established in other parts of the world who have set up part of their business in America, have ALL been sued quickly shortly after arriving on the soils of this so-called land of the free. (For example: Apple sues Samsung immediately after settling down in America.)
The rate of how often any businesses sue each other in other countries, is rare. Even the frequency of doctor’s getting sued by their patient or the family of, is rare in other countries too while in America, all medical professionals are constantly being sued by former patients which has damaged all medical professionals time to practice medicine and the facilities they work out of. It’s all the superficial attitudes that have caused the rise of professional and personal morals to peak extremely high only to plummet as ice caps have suddenly started to melt breaking and falling into the ocean after millennia’s of stability. Once a good company is gone just as an ice cap, it’s permanently vanished never to return.
So, where is the best place to start and establish a new business? Where is the best place to find a life partner/spouse? Just NOT in America, unless you want to get sued immediately.