“Prepping for Cisco Live 2014”

  When you live in the same city as where the business and technology conference Cisco Live will be, it begs to wonder why would the company even have their event in San Francisco considering they’re an hour south? Well, for one particular reason, San Francisco is generally centrally located for people and companies that are customers and partners to Cisco. Also, the appropriate convention center and space is best in San Francisco and with walking distant hotels and restaurants to where it’ll be. MANY companies that work and use technology will be at the yearly event, for that will … Continue reading “Prepping for Cisco Live 2014”

“Why You Should Keep Self-Centered Friends Around”

  So I tested something out recently in regard to a certain matter with my heterosexual female friends and this is what I concluded: (city) women are self—centered! In the not so distant past, I met someone. Even though I was the one who approached Mr. Z which has been out of my own element, it was the condition he was in that I had inquired which is, he has a broken leg! Whoa! My girlfriends questioned that part immediately! They asked why I talked to him considering that I’m known for having random hook-ups with guys to which I … Continue reading “Why You Should Keep Self-Centered Friends Around”