“Silicon Valley Exit: If Trump Becomes President”

    As a transplant to the Silicon Valley area, I do have to say, as much as most people who’ve moved into the area are liberal on a political level, most of America still prefers Donald as their upcoming elected President. Since most people in the state of California were either mostly into Hillary or Bernie, they forgot how the election process goes. What would influence people as a whole on the USA east coast and central states, will determine who will be leading the country. Any states, including Alaska and Hawaii have no say in the end since … Continue reading “Silicon Valley Exit: If Trump Becomes President”

“Be Vocal In Tech and Gaming”

  To be a woman involved with tech and gaming isn’t easy. It’s the most competition anyone would have to endure. Why is that so? Women judge each other, no matter what the professional industry, just as they do to each other in high school. Any female who has been openly vocal about the tech and gaming industries, has suffered A LOT on a professional level. Oddly enough, most start-up companies mainly hire only extremely attractive women with little intelligence verses a woman who’s seemingly less attractive but is smarter. Most females who are better at technology and gaming have … Continue reading “Be Vocal In Tech and Gaming”

“Saving Energy and Become Eco-friendlier”

    Have you ever walked the downtown business district of any major city in the world and notice that SOOOOOO many lights are on late at night and no one is in those buildings? Have you taken a look at the proper trash receptacles in your work place and notice that people don’t put the proper trash in the proper bins? In every major city, all the newer buildings are made using steel frames instead of wood. But why are there still so many trees being cut down? Consulting firms are investing into tech start-ups and yet some of … Continue reading “Saving Energy and Become Eco-friendlier”

“Red Hat Summit 2016 – San Francisco”

    Apologies for coming up with my article regarding the 2016 Red Hat Summit that was held in San Francisco a week late. The holidays will throw a person off and the fact that I was working another conference that same week.   If you’d like to know more about Red Hat and what they do, you can look them up online and submit an inquiry.   A lot of companies of various sizes, are partnering with Red Hat. Whether an organization consist of tech in general, healthcare, and in some cases even government, they’re using Red Hat for … Continue reading “Red Hat Summit 2016 – San Francisco”