“Silicon Valley Exit: If Trump Becomes President”



As a transplant to the Silicon Valley area, I do have to say, as much as most people who’ve moved into the area are liberal on a political level, most of America still prefers Donald as their upcoming elected President. Since most people in the state of California were either mostly into Hillary or Bernie, they forgot how the election process goes. What would influence people as a whole on the USA east coast and central states, will determine who will be leading the country. Any states, including Alaska and Hawaii have no say in the end since the process is based on the majority as a whole.


So if the majority of Silicon Valley companies are operated by a bunch of foreign born liberals, women, and LBGTQ people, what would it mean if a conservative dictator with homophobic ties came into power? For the most part, most companies would have to literally start packing and leave the USA! Where will these companies even go? They can’t go to England due to the Brexit issue of 2016! The middle east isn’t female friendly and they’re government is extremely homophobic as well. What are the options for American based tech companies? South Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, …oh wait, the options just got even smaller! Europe is out of the question due to the bombings all over that continent in recent times.


Tech doesn’t fail, it’s the governments that try to control them that do! The people who run all the tech giant names come from all over the world and all of them have at least two or three facilities operating in various parts of the USA, mainly in Silicon Valley of California. Tech companies in general don’t support the conservative politics from first world countries. It doesn’t help that most Silicon Valley companies heavily rely on having employees from other countries such as India and certain parts of China, where the average salary is much less and the labor for IT is cheaply paid. If a conservative person comes into power in the USA, Silicon Valley will have issues due to most of their employees having to rely on work visas to keep the tech giants afloat.


When Reagan was President of the USA, tech was new then. Facebook rose into power halfway during when Bush Jr. was President. Technology has really expanded quickly ever since Obama has been President since he’s been actively involved in tech projects on a political and personal level. Whether people agree with Obama politically or not, it’s safe to say that he’s definitely a tech savvy person, plus he frequents tech companies. If Trump were to come into power, would he be tech friendly other than his hateful rant on Twitter? There’s a 50/50 chance that tech companies will stay around or move.


Ideally, Silicon Valley will have their fate determined soon. Silicon Beach in the Los Angeles area will be back to being Silicone Beach! There would be a high chance that all the work visas Silicon Valley relies on, will not be granted anymore and the majority of the employees will be deported to their homeland. The average American lives and breathes on the vanity of social media but most don’t know how to put it together! Will people continue to expand on their ideas and be backed up by the political system happening in their lifetime? If political leaders are personally unknowledgeable about technology and how it operates, the continuation of advancing will come to a temporary halt.


Politics divides people, technology unites people. It doesn’t matter what race a person is or what religion they were brought up in, technology has brought people closer together than ever before. Political views for certain policies and regulations has caused some people and groups to take extreme measures in an act of terrorism because of their lack of good while using new technology. Only in recent times, have organizations such as Anonymous and Edward Snowden have been able to expose government corruptions. Conservative politics have and will keep people as a whole separate from the rest of the world, just as Putin has done with Russia and Kim in North Korea.


If another ignorant person becomes President of the most powerful country in the world, expect more problems financially and technologically.


“Be Vocal In Tech and Gaming”



To be a woman involved with tech and gaming isn’t easy. It’s the most competition anyone would have to endure. Why is that so? Women judge each other, no matter what the professional industry, just as they do to each other in high school. Any female who has been openly vocal about the tech and gaming industries, has suffered A LOT on a professional level. Oddly enough, most start-up companies mainly hire only extremely attractive women with little intelligence verses a woman who’s seemingly less attractive but is smarter.

Most females who are better at technology and gaming have suffered when it comes to finding and maintaining employment. There are more men who have been overseeing businesses and what they fear the most, is any woman who is smarter and better at their job than himself. Tech and gaming companies do hire females, but there are still fewer in management and actual engineering positions.

Women are insulted by other fellow female colleagues and men, when they are vocal about a company’s needs when need they room for improvement. Younger females have it little easier, but the older generation have suffered greatly for the younger women to have the luxuries they never had amongst male colleagues. Most tech companies have definitely been around for a while and even gaming, yet the amount of women who have come and gone who do have the skills sets not as a secretarial position but that of technical, have shifted employment status as they try rise in their industry.

When some women insist that they have a sisterhood in the said industries, that is a lot of garbage and lies! Most women see other women as competition for the many men that work in their field. Women are always in conflict with each other and what they can contribute to their line of work. There are women with great ideas, but those are the ones who are struggling as developers and artists since it’s dominated by men who only want “supermodel” looking women in their workplace at all times.

Any time and whenever a woman becomes vocal about her abilities to contribute in the tech and gaming worlds, she’s is ridiculed by other women who are only in the industries for their looks and the men who run the companies that don’t want to be come off as belittled due to their lack of advancement. Will both industries ever change and start to accept intelligent women over those who just look more attractive? It’d be a long time before any changes are made, but for the meantime, it’ll NEVER change as long as heterosexual men are controlling the workplace.

Tech and gaming is not only prejudice against intelligent women, they’re also against transmen because the majority of those who are born male are disgusted of the idea that a woman is able to be a man who can get work done. Many of those who identify as a transman have difficulties keeping and maintaining employment due to the prejudices that they’re born female and are intelligent human beings. Either way, tech and gaming continues to lack the diversity that mass media has sought after to change.

All of the hard work that has gone into making changes in the workplace, will not change for an indefinite amount of time. Not only are there drastic salary differences, but there’s definitely gender differences. Many women and transmen have been keeping quiet since they do not want to be hit with backlash by those who will never empathize or even sympathize with them. Tech and gaming need some serious changes in them. Women and transmen need to be more vocal for equality and diversity in the workforce of tech and gaming.

“Saving Energy and Become Eco-friendlier”



Have you ever walked the downtown business district of any major city in the world and notice that SOOOOOO many lights are on late at night and no one is in those buildings? Have you taken a look at the proper trash receptacles in your work place and notice that people don’t put the proper trash in the proper bins?

In every major city, all the newer buildings are made using steel frames instead of wood. But why are there still so many trees being cut down?

Consulting firms are investing into tech start-ups and yet some of the start-ups are wasting the money on material things that won’t even benefit their company.

Just about every corporate facility nowadays has catered lunches and yet, so much food is wasted while there are homeless and starving people just steps away from the building.

Most governments around the world are giving home and business owners tax credits if they install solar panels. Apartment complexes that are for lower incomed people do not use eco-friendly products and services to help cut government costs with area tax payers.

In places such as the United States, there are so many different building codes that construction workers need to abide to and there are some elements that still labeled as illegal for building structures all because building laws in most places rarely change.

In most of Europe, because the majority of the countries fall under the European Union (EU), they have an interchanging set up of building and construction laws that enable them to make their newer homes and buildings eco-friendly, using wind turbine and solar energy.

Since Asia is a massive continent, to be eco-friendly is based solely on the smaller communities since they’re the ones who are trying to cut costs. In the majority of Asian cities, they waste so much power of energy and fuel with the result of extreme pollution in the air and the surrounding water ways.

What can be done? People as a whole need to become self-educated about how to be and live an eco-friendlier life in their home and work.

In places such as the United States where most dot-com self-made billionaires originated from, a good number of the country population still hasn’t advanced in their way of life as whole. In comparison, the USA still has more people living on welfare than all the other first world countries combined. With a country large enough where regions have specific weather patterns, the local governments haven’t tried to cut costs to save on the energy they use to light and heat. Areas such as Mexico City, southern Germany, and Singapore, building companies have installed materials to not only save money, but also the environment.

Many companies in the Mexico City area are taking advantage of solar because they receive a lot of sunlight. Southern Germany has been altering between solar and wind to produce electric power in their communities. Singapore has been using solar and the pressure of surrounding water currents to produce energy.

With the uproar of politics in the USA, England, and various other countries around the world, people need to put into consideration to allow building material laws change as a whole so that manufacturers can continue to help build the eco-friendly products for homes and business structures. People who live and work in eco-friendlier units and environments tend to be more physically healthy as a whole than those who do not. When building codes are not changed and structures are unable to be remodeled or just tear down and rebuild all together, people suffer health issues due to mold, asbestos, bad bacteria, fumes, and other dangerous materials that are breathed and touched daily due to poor circulation.

By changing how we live, how we work, we can make a difference whether as a sole entity or a company. When people continue to purposely live in a resident that is filled with poisonous materials, this can definitely affect not only a person’s physical health, but their mental health as well, something that can’t be seen from the outside.

We as a people need to inform our politicians to change building codes and the materials allowed so that we can live in a safer environment. This isn’t a matter geared for only those who are wealthy, but when we pay our taxes for lower income people to have a place to live, they too need to fall under these new laws to help save the environment and become eco-friendly too.

What can we do now? Don’t keep your computers and all other electronics constantly turned on at a plug socket. Turn off heaters and keep them off until interior temperature is actually cold. Don’t always use air conditioners and fans, open windows to help circulate air. Open up blinds and curtains to allow natural sunlight beam in during the day instead of turning on so many lights. Put all trash in their proper receptacles and store food properly. All persons should wash their hands. Dusting and sweeping should be done at least twice a day.

There are many other ways to make the home and work place better as well cut costs. We can start with what we already have and from there, anything new that comes along, we can adjust accordingly. By doing so, we can make changes to our environment.

“Red Hat Summit 2016 – San Francisco”



Apologies for coming up with my article regarding the 2016 Red Hat Summit that was held in San Francisco a week late. The holidays will throw a person off and the fact that I was working another conference that same week.


If you’d like to know more about Red Hat and what they do, you can look them up online and submit an inquiry.


A lot of companies of various sizes, are partnering with Red Hat. Whether an organization consist of tech in general, healthcare, and in some cases even government, they’re using Red Hat for their IT cloud storage. Unlike other cloud based companies, Red Hat specializes in the IT side of things where as others are more for personal use or general corporate/enterprise files (none-IT related).

This conference rotates locations every year just like Cisco Live. The attendance level is minimal compared to other security or tech conferences, but it’s the most intimate in regard to meeting colleagues and getting other business related contacts. If you’re reading this and you or someone you know needs specialized services for the IT department of your company, then please look up the company’s website for this year’s conference or simply leave me a message at: anni@anniyang.net and I’ll reply with who I think fits your business needs from the reps of the companies I’ve met. Due keep in mind, that there are certain companies who are a better fit for government or hospital IT services that were present at the conference. I have made note of those who specialize in those areas.

I would highly recommend the Red Hat conference for those who are seeking special IT needs. There were classes and sessions that were available to help train people improve in their infrastructure. There were also around the clock (at the same time as the sessions) labs where people can get IT credits or get additional assistance from Red Hat specialists.

I would honestly admit that I normally am not a big fan of dealing with IT people, but the Red Hat employees along with niched customers and clients were some of the most pleasant people I’ve ever met in a professional setting. There are some companies that have been around for several years but are not big names in the IT space, and if I hadn’t attended the conference, I would have never met those people or even heard about their company directly.

What can best describe about Red Hat Summit 2016? Teamwork.