“Jungle Girl and Jungle Boy, Part 2”



So, the truth comes out. I told him mine and then he told me his! He gave up on his sons because they have down syndrome. As a beautiful person as he his, his own children suffered due to his vanity. He gave up on them. He failed. He doesn’t think he failed since he’s young and hasn’t figured it out. His personal failure will affect his professional failure as it progresses, that’s if it does. Since he doesn’t have much business experience, he won’t know for a long time where he went wrong.


I did share him mine, but so far, he hasn’t been critical of it just yet. The difference is that I got closure and he doesn’t have any on his end since his is more tragic than mine. He has a lot of anger inside, it’s boiled! Even over text he finally told me, sadly, it’ better than nothing at all! Wow, I can’t believe I feel sorry for jungle boy!


From this short-lived experience, I’ve learned that MOST men who are extremely handsome just like jungle boy, do have deep rooted secrets and it’s even a bigger shocker that it’s worse than mine! From the previous article, I mentioned what made me love him and it still stands. He can hate me all he wants but seeing his reaction of a certain sadness and loss will always be stay with me, which put something in my heart to say, “I LOVE YOU”. Sadly, it’s originally explained in text format and not in person first. But the younger generation lacks physical connection more than anything. I’m still shocked that he reads real books!


So now that jungle boy knows that I love him in a very unconventional way, I’ll leave it at that. He’s spilled his darkest secret onto me of all people. I know it wasn’t what he expected either. Whether or not he finally gets closure in the near future, depends on his part as a human being. I hope he finally lets out his tears even if they’re not going to be with me any time soon since I got him all worked up and angry. I feel sorry for him. I may not see my kids that often, but they are healthy and intelligent, whereas he doesn’t have that at all! A sigh of relief has come off of me!


As I was putting this together, I discovered that he has blocked me on Facebook, unfriended me on Instagram, and oddly enough, I’m still on his LinkedIn!


I’ve learnt a lot about jungle boy in a month’s time. I’m glad that I never spent too much time with him from the start. I learnt his darkest secret. I made him angry for a good reason. I may have some love for him that’s emotional and not sexual, but overall, he’s a deadbeat babies’ daddy for giving up on his sons whom he says have down syndrome. He’s proven that he’s heartless and selfish. Any man who can’t love the people whom he brings into the world, can’t love another human being to be a significant other! If I can tell him in person at my angriest, I’d tell him that he can be with another hundred or thousand women, and as long as he continues on this failed life path of ignoring his own children, being with all those women will NEVER heal any of those wounds!


When I had gone through all of my hurt in my situation, I engaged with a lot of men and all of that never once provided me happiness in the end. I had to teach myself that I don’t need a man to fill in what I need, and that is love. Love is in me and I honestly didn’t care about myself at the time. I know now that sex doesn’t cure loss and it doesn’t fill in pain. Men just want a hole to stick his penis in and will only seek out vulnerable women who don’t know their darkest secret. Jungle boy is that way. He has a secret that other women don’t know and most women who are childless don’t care for. Men I met didn’t care about my kids, and for jungle boy, women whom he’s been with only want him for being attractive and that’s it, they don’t care for him to have his children in his life.


There is so much boiling inside that I’d tell him out of anger, but in hindsight, I don’t believe in stupefying myself. I have love in my heart. He has loss and I must the better person to teach him that he can endure his pain built inside. The structure of the pain is supposed to be temporary and in my situation, it was with some remnants scattered around what was there. In his case, it’s still looking like a more permanent fixture, when it shouldn’t be!


Just as every other guy who’s been somewhat involved with me, they come back at some point minus the fathers of my two children. I don’t have kids with jungle boy and we’ve never been intimate. The closest type of intimacy was just the kisses on the right cheek. He is accustomed to women chasing him that when someone like me met his match minus the looks department, he became scared because I didn’t chase after him other than sending the first picture messaging. He’s never done the chasing since his looks compensated for what he felt as if he didn’t need to do. I knew in my heart that there was a connection between him and me from the beginning. His initial charm got my attention, just as with anyone. Sure, he was too good to be true but his inner demons are still in town indefinitely. I broke down the pretty boy. He’s never been emotionally shredded up for his own benefit before. Will this one ever come back around? If he ever does, I know it will take longer than some of the rest since we have something in common.


I LOVE Jungle Boy! He is my equal in loss and in pain. Just as with ALL previous love interests, I will move on. I know that if he learns his life lesson, it’d take a long time to realize that his unfortunate life results stem from his original poor choice and in his case, purposely abandoning his sons because they weren’t physically perfect like him. He moved to the area for numerous reasons, but to also start over since his previous relationships failed him and I wouldn’t doubt it’s due to his vanity and materialistic ways to compensate for neglecting his sons. A beautiful man didn’t make exterior beautiful children, especially sons. His original claim is that he was young when he had them. That was definitely NOT the case, it’s because they just weren’t specimen to his own looks.


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