“Fact or Fiction”

While I laid to my lover’s right side, I noticed something wrong. I hadn’t seen the person for a month, and I would have noticed before what was wrong with them from before. Men are idiotic, very much so when it comes to being involved with women. So, what was wrong with him? He had a scar from being stabbed in the ribcage which almost damaged his tattoos that he has that wrap into that area.   I usually sleep to the right side of him, so I’d always have noticed such a marking! It’s evident that one of his … Continue reading “Fact or Fiction”

“Natural Beauty Verses Excess Cosmetics”

  In this modern times, heterosexual men will continue to date and marry women who are “models”. Depending on the maturity of a man even if he’s wealthy and handsome by society standards, some are steering away from the “model” types because they’re more likely to be an obvious gold-digger. No matter how rich or poor, MOST men have been engrained with what society insists that they have a set mentality that: ONLY skinny women are beautiful.   Many women continue to starve themselves to become as thin as possible and young girls have been eyeing the same mentality that … Continue reading “Natural Beauty Verses Excess Cosmetics”

“Downfall of Fashion in Silicon Valley”

While (white) women spend so much money to stay youthful looking, buying cosmetics and skincare, they’re the main reason fashion stays afloat in any major city in the world. MANY East Asian women have been copying white women from Europe and the USA when it comes to the desire for expensive clothes, shoes, and handbags. What A LOT of people fail to realize, what looks good on one person, WON’T look good on the next! I have retail experience, so I know plenty when it comes to selling clothes and shoes, since I NEVER had a customer return what I’ve … Continue reading “Downfall of Fashion in Silicon Valley”

“The Name Game”

  So what is the “name game”? As the world population is pushing eight billion humans, there’s only options when it comes to names: first, middle, and last. Our private and professional lives are facing a downturn for the worse, since there are so many persons with the same name combinations. That doesn’t even include persons who are at least a “junior” to one of their parents! Even in some of the gigantic corporations, there are at least two sets of people with the same first and last name, not even including the typical “John Smith”.   People are changing … Continue reading “The Name Game”

“Sexual Harassment in the Media Industry”

When I was taking an engineering class in high school, a boy followed me into the supply closet and blocked the door so that I couldn’t get out. I was a virgin and the boy demanded a blowjob, which I didn’t even know what that was at the time. I punched his fat belly as I cried to leave. He grabbed my hands to touch him. I didn’t want to touch him because not only was I virgin then, I also came from a naïve Christian religious family. That incident happened in the autumn of 1995 in North Carolina. I … Continue reading “Sexual Harassment in the Media Industry”

The Accused

Have you ever been accused of something so extreme that it jeopardizes your personal and even professional life? 2017 has proved to be the year where many people, mostly women, have accused high powered men of sexual harassment and even rape. Those men are guilty, but the sad part, so many people have jumped on the bandwagon to accuse them even though they’ve never had a physical interaction with them.   Something that I know all too well, is that I know and can tell when people lie! For most persons, it’s the sudden stuttering when they’re known to be … Continue reading The Accused

Repetitive Cinema

Major film studio companies are spending more money than ever to try to make the next big blockbuster spectacular. The only problem is that those action packed and special effect movies usually only do excellent at the box office for the first and maybe the second week of release. Some big budget films have failed altogether at the box office leaving studios to be in debt rather than to make profit until the next project is done editing and released.   So why is the film industry suffering financially when they are supposed to be profiting? Do production crews truly … Continue reading Repetitive Cinema