“Taking a Break”

Every woman and gay man needs to take a break from having random hook-up sex with men. Why? The men that we get with, don’t love us, and they’ve proven that they honestly are disrespectful. Most men, no matter where you go to in the world, only care about one thing, and that is getting free sex whenever, wherever, and with whomever he wants it. These men don’t respect women (and other gay men like themselves) and are not feminists. They are arrogant assholes who just want to be in control. These are the same men who don’t even take responsibility as they spread incurable STD’s and make children they don’t even provide for.


These men aren’t just stereotyped black and Latinos, but this also includes white and Asian men who have been getting away with this, all while no one really says anything! ALL races and nationalities of men are overbearing to deal with, controlling, and insensitive. No race of men is any better, they’re ALL equally as terrible, but white and Asian men are the very worse since there are more of them around the globe!


Women (and gay men) need to take a stand against these men but the problem is that most women are too needy and would rather subject herself to his verbal, financial, emotional, and physical abuse. There’s a reason why these control freak men are going to continue their terrible ways, and it’s only because SOOO many women are naïve to give in since they’re mentally and socially weak.


How long of a time frame will a woman have a break from dating and having sex with men? It all depends on the woman and if she spends her time wisely to not really think about having urges for sex and lousy companionship. A woman (me included) needs to evaluate what her purpose is to have a man in her life other than for sex and to fill in the void of being lonely. (Not every woman can have a cat and/or a dog because someone like me is allergic!) Will he bring me up in life or tear me down? Will he contribute that I be successful all while he avoids vanity by not taking credit? Will he be employed in some way and NEVER ask me for money as he pays all the bills?


No matter where you go in the world, women are continuously mistreated by men. Half of the women in the world live in a country where they have no human rights and can’t stand up to men since it’s part of her culture that she will be imprisoned or even murdered for doing so. Women in prominent countries don’t honestly know how easy they have it to have control over men with their sex appeal, feminist laws, and intelligence by means of having a higher education. Sure, many women take advantage of their sex appeal towards men, but they don’t take advantage of the laws in their favor and allowed to be educated.

On the flipside of things, there are A LOT of women who have ruined relationships and dating with men for other women and men. Those women come in ALL races and nationalities, so there’s no finger pointing which ones are the most terrible of them all! Those conniving women are obviously out for selfish gain and have taken advantage of the laws in which they reside, going as far as accusing other women and men of violence against them! These same types of women have caused other women to lose employment to become homeless, wrongfully have their child(ren) taken away, stolen identification, robbed stores, and accused good men of physical abuse so they can laugh at being imprisoned. It’s painful to see that a woman would betray her fellow sister!


A good woman would take time off dating and sex with men, not as a feminist protest, but to help herself to grow as a person mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. It’s a struggle that’s extremely difficult for many women who have led a life of indulgence, then learning later that all along, all of it never made them happy, and at the very least, content. No women should just go about her life in sweats. Women still need to look at their very best and then some. She shouldn’t stop being sexy just because she’s tuning out men for an indefinite time. EVERY woman needs to be sexy looking and not give in to the deceptive offers from men! A woman should always look amazing and show that she’s also confident to decline the men that flirt with her.


What is on my agenda as a I go about my days? It’s my goal to always look amazing and not look frumpy. It’s my goal to be engaging with people I know and will meet. It’s important that I be social. It’s important that I recognize the advances from men who honestly don’t care anything about me and my life, who are ONLY after sex and nothing more. It’s my goal to share with other women and gay men to do the same. It’s my goal to be happy and content. It’s my goal to be confident. It’s my goal to prove that I don’t need a male companion to be happy and successful. It’s my goal to tell men, “NO” when I don’t feel comfortable. It’s my goal to make sure the men currently in my life and the others that come along, to be chivalrous. It’s my goal to make men respect me.


At the end of each day, we reflect in the sunset about what we’ve accomplished either that day or time in life. Is the sunset clear or is it a bit gloomy? If it’s clear, then there will be many good days and moments where we reflect of the positive choices in life.


“Success with Updating Something Old”



I had an interesting and filling week for the second week of July 2017. It started out with a luncheon where a tech company had revamped their hardcore products. The second event consisted of IoT (Internet of Things) and what VC’s (Venture Capital) had to say about the emerging market. The second day and third set of events is a combination of sorts, solar and semiconductors. The third day had to events: Google Cloud and S&P Dow Jones, yes, very different industries!


In the tech industry, it’s the most competitive of all the other industries as a whole. Why? Developers and start-up founders have all worked with one another in some form or another in the early days of their careers. All-of their ideas about how to fix certain problems clash throughout months and even years, causing various persons to part ways and start their own projects or another company overall. Since the early 2000’s, tech companies have been suing one another by means of using an “old” law concept of: copyright infringement and failure to abide an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). The tech start-ups are obviously new, having been created in the past decade give or take, and yet, most of the men and women operating them have not read up on the “old” business laws created in their country, causing legal actions against them!


When I did my research on some of the VC companies on several workshop panels of that week, the newer firms have been sued within the past few years over greed from one of the parties but have managed to profit from their investments in a VERY short period of time whereas the older companies took a couple of years to several decades. Business practices are changing and what the younger CEO’s and founders have been accused of is sexual harassment, being underpaid, and stealing funds from the company bank account and putting into their personal one. Older companies have had the same type accusations but with social media, the complaints are automatically on every news outlet where as a half century ago, it would be in the newspaper a week later. Being an investor isn’t just about investing smart, it’s about having excellent when engaging with employees, colleagues, customers, and clients.


Tech needs investors and VC’s need something to put their money into to bring in recurring income. Some VC’s don’t think that there will be a recession in the US or even the rest of the world, while others DO suspect there will be by the end of 2017 into 2018. The reason behind the fear of investors is that they see the business market crash since MOST people will be out of work due to machines doing more work that used to be for five to ten persons to operate per item. Most persons around the globe don’t already have proper skill sets and don’t have the proper education to back them up on top of it all.


No matter where people live in the USA or in the world, politics are hindering what people can be employed to do by continuing to limit their businesses and resources. For example, most countries in the world have created other ways to generate electric power by using hydro, solar, and wind turbines. In the USA, some of the equipment and parts that go into making any of the supplies is still declared illegal and unsafe according to building laws that were written at least a century ago! Europe and Asia have been active in creating more forms of alternative and clean energy that they are able to be sustainable during extreme weather changes and have sufficient food supplies. Is there any reason why a known first world country can’t adjust and compete with the countries that have a lower GDP?

What people to do with their own money, can vary person to person and their influences. We can’t control what people do to invest or splurge with their hard-working earnings. In first world countries, the average person spends their money on little things rather than what’s important regarding their needs over temporary wants. Just as with investments, most persons will invest in old ideas since they see them as a more long-term fix rather than on newer options that are taking over the economy anywhere you go in the world.


Many companies that have been in business for well over a hundred years, are going bankrupt if they haven’t already gone under! Many companies that have been around for as short as five to ten years have profited into the billions and trillions. For anyone who wants to invest their time and money into something that will be trending indefinitely, they will have to put their interest into the medical and technical fields since all other industries are no longer around due to poor sales and lots of losses. Emerging tech is helping not just the average person, but also for the medical industry to help cure or even detect diagnosis’s that people are born with.


New money needs to stay with other new money types of companies and organizations. They need to invest into their own even though many companies are a competition rather than as a client or some kind of customer or user. We can’t depend the old companies that can’t stay afloat in the new age where technology is taking over industries that used to take actual physical labor. Machines are making our homes, food, vehicles we drive, and our clothing. Sure, it does take human brain power to make sure these machines are up and running properly, but where are the jobs? They don’t exist due to the creation of more machines.


We need to update many things in our professional life. That includes our investments, living situation, and colleagues. Who we surround ourselves does influence what we do when making serious life decisions that we didn’t know was possible aside from where we lived and whom we’d settled down with or have children.  So, for today, make a list of what our monetary successes are. If the number is low, then we need to make changes to keep up with the world around us where we desire to or not. The world isn’t going to wait for us, we just need to catch up!

“When I Am in the Wrong”



I shouldn’t have pried into someone’s private life. This time it’s my fault that they don’t want anything to do with me. I pushed this person away. I messed up and I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to apologize to them. I hate myself for that. I would love to get a second chance with this person, but sadly who knows if that’s even possible.


Do any of us ever notice where and when we are in the wrong? It took me until after the fact and then that’s when the guilt was buried inside my soul. I need to pry inside myself to get it out of me! I hurt their feelings without ever knowing what their limit is. Just because I can handle something, doesn’t mean that they could do that. MOST persons aren’t as emotional and psychologically strong as me. MOST people are emotionally and psychologically weak, VERY WEAK!


I take no bullshit from anyone or anything. I’ve learnt to always put up a fight when there are moments where a sense of pain and hurt are about to arise. I keep my guards up often and carefully. Am I scared? Yes, I am, all the time as a matter of fact. How am I going to make my apology to someone that I love or at least lust over? Oh, I don’t know exactly, not at this very moment.


Am I in love or do is it just some kind of lust on my part? It’s difficult to say since I am feeling a bit airy over the matter. Part of me feels like I am in love while outsiders see me as being a bit compulsive in my lust over the person. I think that I love them, but that may not be the case.


Do women ever admit they’re wrong? It’s rare as a matter of fact. Men are less likely to apologize too, so either way, it’s equally unapologetic! People are extremely stubborn and it’s a tough call whether either gender will step up and the mature one to make the first apology. It doesn’t matter what a person’s age just so happens to be, it’s the maturity that they would have within themselves to be honest at their own mistakes.


In the real world, it’s not about who is generally better and perfect, what people tend to fail to understand that life is about who admits to their mistakes and truthfully learns from them. In our own mind, we have the assumption of, “I’m right, they’re wrong”, when it’s really, “I was wrong, they were right”.


A good person is humble, they even admit when they are in the wrong and have made mistakes that are unbearable. They don’t shy away from learning from their mistakes. They also accept other people who have made mistakes and admitted what they did wrong, so-as to learn from how they treat others. We live, we learn, and eventually, we really do love.


Where do I start? How do I start? When do I start? What shall I say? Who do I make a practice run with? Do I even make a practice run to someone or even to myself in the mirror? Why is this extremely difficult to do? How will they react? Will they even accept it? Will my panic attacks stop? Why is this so painful and agonizing to do? Why must this be so emotionally stressful for me?


There are so many questions that I can ask myself and others will do the same as they’re in my situation. It’s not easy, it’s very difficult to endure! I will conquer this someway, somehow, and someday. If I can overcome this matter to apologize for something that I did wrong, then everyone else should do the same thing as well! This feeling of a certain type of guilt is weighing heavily on my heart. I just want that feeling to lifted off of me.

“Jungle Boy”



Jungle boy doesn’t really know for now how old jungle girl (me) really is. Since he’s young and extremely stubborn, he didn’t get the chance to learn something important in life. The other two essays are about my loss of him after learning their darkest secret. I want to share something from a professional business perspective that I other people learn from.


When we don’t face our life fears, this will affect how we perform professionally since we won’t be empathetic to the needs of others. In just about any industry, we must show empathy not sympathy! With empathy, we reach the core of a person or even another business to generate more with. Since jungle boy is extremely handsome, he did seem too good to be true. He had a dark secret that he never received closure from. In his private life, he took flight to a certain situation and never did fight it. As a woman and what I endured, I always put up a fight first before eventually taking flight!

Whatever industry a person works in, we need to also put up a fight, to become successful long term. Jungle boy never really had any legit job but random sales gig until I met him, so he wouldn’t understand the importance of putting up a fight even in the world of business. When I’ve read the biographies of most self-made billionaires, they’ve all put up a fight in their said industry! Just like many musicians and actors, MOST were originally rejected, but put up a fight in what they do and are successful as they age verses those who’ve given up resulting in suicide or drug abuse. Jungle boy relies on his looks to get himself by and it’ll only last for so long until people learn of his dark secret.

I’ve been very fortunate to be surrounded by people who have helped me endure my tragedies and loss. Those friends aren’t perfect but have been a great deal of comfort to my pain. Jungle boy doesn’t really have anyone he can a shoulder to cry on and he’s never had that yet. He never let his emotional pain go, and in the world of business that will affect results.

Youths are ignorant. They think they can handle the world, but, they can’t even overcome what’s are home. A happy home results in a good job performance! When personal relationships fail, so does the job! When people give up in the home, they’ve proven to give up on the job! He’s had success at doing one particular job, but that’s because he numbed his personal life.

I never got a chance to, but would have loved for jungle boy to have been my successor as a Professional Socialite. He’s the perfect specimen due his similarities to me, but hopefully he can survive his pain and suffering like I have. I was the underdog when I started and he’s already starting as one too since he doesn’t know the business professional scene like I’ve had to rush to figure out! He hasn’t seen it and most definitely hasn’t participated in any of it. I’ll sign him up as an option but won’t allow him to attend anything I do until he does apologize in person and add me back on social media!

I had to learn the hard way to navigate the business professional life. I had to learn about so many companies I’ve never heard of and what they do. I’ve received some suggestions along the way of what I can or should do at times but that wasn’t even immediate. I’ve met people who were surprised to meet me since they found events through my listings. Many random strangers want the scoop to have all the fun and getting as much as they can for free!

Jungle boy doesn’t know any of that, yet! He currently sees things like a room with no windows to see out. I know I’ve been a harsh on him, it’s because I’m anxious and can’t physically tackle the professional party seen due to aging as a woman. He may have received an award in sales, but he doesn’t have a “overcoming life fears” award! I started out shy and nervous and jungle boy is mostly confident other than dealing with me!

What makes him the ideal successor is that the first letters of Professional Socialite are also his initials! It’s fitting that when or if he comes back around to me, he will be taking on something that isn’t a job but a lifestyle. I can sense he’s secretly snobby but in general he’s a nice person. I saw something in him that he doesn’t see in himself. I saw someone who was also a lost soul just like me but hasn’t made closure. I originally saw perfect, yet deep in his soul he was more imperfect than me. He’s stubborn as I was once that way. He’s business smart and I’m emotionally smarter than him. He’s a father to two sons, I’m a mother to two daughters. We’ve had loss in our lives. He produced imperfect children, whereas, mine are perfect to make up myself being imperfect! It’s only fitting that a very imperfect perfect person becomes the one to take the business world by storm all from their presence and conversational intelligence!


The imperfectness of the ever so perfect jungle boy, is what made my heart be in love with him when I learnt that about him.


By reading body language of people, we know how to make a sale and make a business deal. We need to listen how they speak and what words they choose to say, so that when we’re making a professional connection, it’s permanent and not just a temporary one. We shouldn’t just care to close a deal, we should make sure we have a business marriage instead that will never divorce!


So, if you are a reader and are curious why I used the words: jungle girl and jungle boy, it’s in reference of our heritage. Even though he and I weren’t raised in a real jungle, our ethnic heritage is rooted from the rain forest steeped in mountains close to the equator but in far opposite ends of each hemisphere. It’s not racist, it’s not degrading, it’s the truth! Also, he and I are both living in a figurative jungle now as adults.