“Insecure, After-all”



With the political quarrels all over this world, governmental figures are blaming one each other that they’ve been hacked. There’s skepticism whether that someone who happens to be working for the opposing government, hacked the systems, or in these matters, it was more likely carelessness from political persons that allowed a regular “Joe” or “Sue” to access it all. Are corporations the next targets to hack their servers attacked or was it just governments from around the world that suffered?


No matter where a person goes to in the world, governments are broke and they can’t even pay employees since politicians used up all the money for luxury vacations with numerous security guards around the clock. There has become an older generation that has taken over governments around the globe, and it’s obvious, they’re not tech savvy. Younger people desire for democracy, while older people (mostly men) have reverse the times into a dictatorship. Most countries in the world have new laws to prevent women from receiving an education and for gay men to be punished due to their sexual orientation. Name any major country in the world, and they’ve all stepped back, rather than move ahead.


We cannot rely on our governments to keep us safe. They don’t have the tools and finances to have secure computer servers, plus it doesn’t help that their government buildings are always plugged in, which is a keep component for a real hacker to know. Corporations nowadays, are international based, well, most of the time. Their system servers are synced around the globe and oddly enough, are safer than governments! Tech companies, especially, have a safer system since they are using mostly cloud storage than the traditional on prem. Tech companies and corporations, also, have newer computers, whereas governments have much older systems. (From personal experience working in a government run facility, their computer operating system isn’t compatible with the newer monitors that are usually a minimum of 4K.)


Our personal information, healthcare records, and phone numbers track us where we are all the time. It doesn’t matter what we do, we can be tracked down with just a few little bits of information. Most persons in the world have at least one mobile phone and that alone is enough just to track down a person’s whereabouts. Most persons also, live and breathe by means of social media, which also tracks down a person’s whereabouts. At the same time, just because people have smartphones and use social media, doesn’t mean they’re easiest people to locate. There are more people who don’t use social media and a smartphone that are easier to locate because they’re personal information is on the internet and they haven’t really moved their whole life. It’s all relative where people are and what they do.


How safe are you? Would you trust the government or a business corporation with your personal information? Who is more reliable? Who is more trustworthy? Where do we/you stand with all this? Who’s safer? Who’s the bigger threat to our lives? How come our local government can’t seem to get it together? What’s with all of the disagreements? Who is really in charge of where we live and work? Who decided on these political figures to run my country? What’s the fate of where I live? Will going to another country be any better? Does another country have it worse than where I am? Was there ever real hack that chose the dictator types of politicians to be in power? What’s the future for me regarding my home country? How does this affect my line of business? Will these politics break-up my family? Will these politics put a divide between colleagues?


Tech corporations that operate the security companies, are run by mostly liberal types of people. They tend to be anti- government lately due to numerous countries mistreating their people, which they’re disgusted with since it affects them in some way. Most of the tech overhead still consists of white males and when political figures put a bad taste in their mouth, they may still not agree having a female leader, but they surely don’t want to see their home country fall to pieces! Tech companies tend to be synced even with their competitors these days since politics are what’s pushing them to solely rely on each other.


No matter where we are in the world, all of us need to be careful with what we do, where we go, and whom we meet. We need to be aware with our surroundings since there’s no way of knowing what will happen next, either towards me or you. This world is insecure. We’re not safe anywhere. Anyone can hack our smartphone and laptop without our knowledge. What’s the next step? Do we detach from modern conveniences to avoid all insecurities that our technology and government have against us? Can we save ourselves? If we can’t save our own government, we know our tech companies does save something politicians can’t.


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