“Burning Bridges”



What is the most difficult ordeal to cope when dealing with people we know? People will burn bridges under us. Why? The people who have been burning bridges, don’t understand the hardship it takes to make one’s self successful in materially, mentally, socially, emotionally, and overall economically. It doesn’t matter how old a woman or man is, people are narcissistic. Most persons from all walks of life are too selfish to accept working hard to get somewhere. They’re unempathetic to what it means to work hard, by using every bit of physical and emotional energy of ourselves.


It doesn’t matter where people are from, race, gender, and even their sexual orientation, humans are narcissistic from all walks of life. We cannot change how people choose to behave and live their life. It doesn’t matter if they’re our own children or another relative. Genuine people have lost friends and have disconnected with family members over their selfish ways. This is a growing trend amongst fellow humans on financial and social level.


The path to a successful life isn’t so much about money and relationships. Life is about not burning the bridges that have lead us to have a successful life, whether it does consist of financial or romantic relations. There are so many people out in the world who have been taken for granted by those they’ve helped through terrible times that were out of their control. Many persons have forgotten their roots and origins of coming from poverty, financial and emotional.


On a business professional level, people have had the audacity to burn bridges with their so-called colleagues, investors, friends and family who’ve contributed to their fortune, and even their clients or a fan base. Why and what is with all this selfishness? The most emotional and financially painful experience we suffer is when people take advantage of our kindness, time, and money. People don’t care, if they can “get ahead” in life and that’s only by screwing people over, according to their mentality.


For the most part, how and when do you notice if someone is on the verge of burning a bridge under us? The warning signs differ from person to person. Some people will burn their bridge with us sooner rather than later if they see that they’re personal life is improving according one’s own mental state. Those who burn bridges faster, are the people who fail to see consequences and losses of whomever helped them along their way to something better in life. Will any of these social abusers ever suffer in the long run from their poor choice of burning bridges? Those people are narcissists, so they’ll never see their consequences of their actions and will forever see themselves as a victim when all along, they’ve mistreated everyone around them.


Whenever people have burnt their bridges, depending on how and who we are, we become sensitive when we meet other people again in life that need assistance. Whenever it’s our own family who burnt bridges while we’re still standing on it, we lose trust and are conflicted with the idea to never help them again. It’s an ongoing process that we need to block the idea of whether or not, we should help the next person. There’s nothing worse than being burnt numerous times, but all it takes is once and then we’re finished to ever help another person ever again.


People are cruel to us, professionally and personally. It’s not a boss that is cruel to us, it’s the people who are out professional equal or lower who are the ones who are abusive. Our “boss” is likened to a parent and the fellow abusive colleague is like having a sibling who wants to rival for the attention of the boss. Will those who’ve abused our efforts to assist them ever come to terms of their wrong? Usually, they don’t and overall, they never will! Will those people help others that have helped them? NEVER, they’re too selfish to return the favor, especially minus the whining!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

We need to be careful in dealing with friends, colleagues, and even family members. People don’t care for anyone but themselves and will burn bridges continuously until someone stands up to them, finally exclaiming, “NO!” Will we stand up against these abusers? Are we even aware of the abuse from these unlikely people? We need to be more aware of who we are with, what we do, what we say, and how we listen to their “needs”. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you, the one who worked hard to get somewhere in life and be independent. The next time it seems like someone is about to burn a bridge you are standing on, make sure you jump off because continuing to stand on it assuming they’ll put out that fire, that’ll never happen! Jump off that burning bridge before you succumb to the ashes it will become.


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