“Why I Chose NOT to Go Back to School AGAIN”


EVERY day in my youth, I was told that I was stupid, fat, ugly, and a failure. My sisters ALWAYS told me that and my mother, of all people. ALL of my cousins and aunts that I grew up around, they too insulted me with the same. ALL of the family friends NEVER said anything nice to me, just insulted me, assuming it was funny. I grew up believing that I am fat, ugly, and a failure, just not stupid. I never knew what good I was until I got away from my family by parting ways with the Christian faith and moving away to the point, I didn’t have any family around. God was NEVER good to me even when I had faith because I just suffered at the hands of everyone around me: my older sisters who continue to verbally abuse me, my mother, and all those who claim to be Christian.


My older sisters and younger brother never finished actual high school. Growing up, they were always praised to be successful, only to be bigger failures than me! I struggled to finish high school due to the death of my father when I was sixteen. Home life was stressful but I always managed somehow. The music of my teenage years consisted of themes of suicide, promiscuous sex, and being emotionally disturbed by inner demons. The popular books of that time didn’t fit my interest, so I took up writing song lyrics and fiction to help me escape my life in a small town.


I eventually went back and took classes at the local community college where I was living. I did okay. I had my first child a year later and didn’t go back to school, so that I could take care of my daughter. I moved across the USA and after nearly nine months in the California central valley, I moved to San Francisco. I got accepted into a mediocre art school and was the only Asian female in the film program. I got pregnant again while a student and failed my third quarter because I was jobless and homeless. My own family NEVER once sent me any money and refused to help me due to frowning upon any women who has children out of wedlock. Several students at the art school helped me as much as they could. One student in particular, had allowed me to stay with them for a while in student housing until another student moved in who threatened to report them to get expelled for allowing me to stay there even though I was pregnant and nowhere to go at the time.


I eventually had my second child and many bad things followed. I didn’t reapply to art school right away because I had some personal matters to take care. A year goes by and I reapply, only to get rejected due to my poor grades. About two years later, I get asked to return to the school, only because the school needed money by accepting students. I did a stint where I took a modern dance class which I dropped out of before being charged, and a Saturday real estate course. Around that time, I made very different types of friends who I am still on contact with today.


I was curious what was happening at the convention center in the downtown area. I asked people who went to them, but they were vague and didn’t explain anything since I learnt later, they’ve been going to those functions for many years. Attending tech conferences which led to meetups and then other types of popular events, have since changed my life. I became an actual blogger, as I share my experiences with the many things I now do. I’ve met many great people along the way and as always, there are some terrible people. I went from rarely attending a music concert since they can be expensive, to going to many that are part of the conferences I attend. I have since taught myself to drink in moderation since I wasn’t accustomed to higher end free alcohol!


From blogging, I have gained some notoriety and eventually received press passes for most conferences. I have taken part in hackathons, winning in three of at least a handful I’ve participated in. By having a press pass for some conferences, I have been able to attend workshops for free that would normally cost several hundred to several thousand. I am on numerous email lists to be invited to many paid events for free. I have become more active on social media due to networking. I have created my posh network of attending just about anything business related and leaving with new colleagues and occasionally new swag. Due to working in numerous industries, I’m able to have conversations with people who work in the sciences, medical, finance, and even the food industry, not just tech, film, music, and gaming that I have been involved with. I have colleagues from all walks of life and most have an education from prominent schools in the USA as well as, the rest of the world.


Various friends and family insist that I go back to school. I thought about it, and then I decided not to for several similar reasons. Within under a decade, I have discovered the many events being in a major city does offer. I learnt that I can (and have) get certified in various professions for free or for several hundred at the most if I were to pay my own way. I have access to many different types of industries, as long as, I stay in a larger city market. Whether in tech, healthcare, gaming, or finance, I can become trained and qualified easily without having to take courses that don’t have anything to do with that industry. Wow, it’s possible, but only while living in a major city that does offer such a variety!


Realistically, I don’t have to go back to an actual college or university to be prove my intelligence by means of a lavish education. I can prove that I can do the work by merely getting trained within a company course work in an industry. Just because people have been educated at some of the top schools in the world, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be independently successful, since most are not and never will be! It’s about the connections and who I engage with when I am out somewhere. It’s about meeting prominent successful people who are either big names in the business world, or better yet, under the radar. It helps to be at the right place at the right time and know who are worth being friends with and who are NOT! The people who give you tough love to succeed are the ones that will always be there for you when times have hit a personal rough patch. Anyone who makes it too simple, doesn’t care about others and who don’t care about you!


Many colleges and universities can’t keep up with the sciences and technology. They don’t even know what will be next success or failure in business since those said industries are running at light speed. Text books would have to be printed every three to six months to keep up with the changes in this world, where as before, the text books were updated every three to four years at the very least. Why do I see no need to go to school, again? The real world gives me experiences that are changing constantly, where-as attending another school does not. As long as I know how to do basic things such as reading, typing, writing by hand, and have access to numerous resources, I am set, ready to me immersed in the work forces and the changes happening daily.


[I watched the first ten episodes of the TNT channel’s series “Will” and after watching interviews of the title actor, I felt more inspired. The show resonates how Shakespeare was able to reach the hearts of ALL persons, not just the rich or the poor. He wrote for everyone in his time. It was noted that he wasn’t as educated as all his fellow contemporaries, yet his choice of words, caught the hearts of the old, young, rich, and poor. He knew to have a way with words and rhyme, while the other authors had no empathy beyond people not of their financial class. This may be a fictional take on the author’s life, but it paints the story of the most famous writers of all time.]


Go out in the world of strangers and make your dreams come true.


One thought on ““Why I Chose NOT to Go Back to School AGAIN”

  1. BraVa, BraVa For You! What STRUGGLES & SACRIFICES. Alas, “Still Winning” Disposition. I Too, On The Identical “LEARNING CURVE” Aspirerations! “Giving Thanks and Praises” U N I V E R S A L L Y For Your “TRUTH(s)”!😎

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