“Colleagues and Friends, Part 1”


In big cities, one’s colleagues are their friends! I grew up with the notion that it’s improper to not mix business with pleasure, yet several colleagues and friends met their life partner or spouse from work. Times have changed with since the old coined terms about business but there are some lessons that will never die. In smaller towns around the world, meeting a life partner does have challenges since they would be in small working circles. In big cities, couples can work at the same company, and yet they never see each other during their day due to the many different departments in their place of employment. So, what’s the ordeal nowadays?


I know from experience that when colleagues make time for me, I must be on their schedule. When I make plans with friends, only half will accommodate their time for me while the other half doesn’t even bother to cancel or reschedule. There’s a reason why some of those friends get demoted to being more of an acquaintance since they’re inconsiderate with scheduling and timing when it comes to certain things. There’s also the other reason why those who are irresponsible with their time just so happen to be terrible at their job and go through them constantly, never being happy and content. A good number of colleagues become friends over time because we share similar interests separate from their employment.


Whenever we are in a new (living) situation, we must adapt, not to what we want but to what others need! This concept applies for both colleagues and new friends we’ve made and will make. The ONLY people who will tarnish their own reputation, are the ones who refuse to accommodate the time of others that are making for them. The old saying, “time is money” continues to hold true to this day, yet many people haven’t applied that term and it’ll be a long time if they ever do! Successful people apply, “time is money” whereas those who have failed, NEVER applied that into both their professional and personal life.


We can only say and do so much for our friends and colleagues. If they refuse to accept our advice, that’s their loss and not ours. Men are cockier to accept advice and life discipline in both business and their private life. Women in general are humbler. Not everyone is meant to be a leader while those who are successful employees (followers) do listen, take notes, and apply when advised. We cannot fix people who are stubborn and continued failures. The most successful people in business for the past 200 years have had to make changes in their life to become the household names we know well past their death.


I may not see some friends and colleagues as much as I used to. But what I do know is that before their successful business ventures skyrocketed, they made time for me and even others. What I learned from them, is that many people they have skipped out on making time for them with the result of being a failed business contact due to their rash behavior. It’s all trial and error of who will make time for you or in my case, for me.


It doesn’t matter where, when, and how a person is educated to be successful in business and other matters of life. Any person can have attended prominent schools around the globe, but half don’t even apply structure into their own life that will help them succeed in business and romantic relationships too. “Timing is everything” continues to hold true, too. Are we going to be late to a meeting that will determine our business professional fate or even our own wedding? I’d rather be early than late. Being late results in a bitter fate.


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