What DEW (Digital Entertainment World) Taught Me About the Entertainment Industry

imageWhat many people are unfamiliar with, is that there was a three day (two and a half days) conference where business professionals in the entertainment industry came together in regards the next step ahead. There were lots of discussions about the future of gaming since that seems to be taking over the world since it’s interactive. Also, the music industry is in a slump due to music being offered for free online which is cutting in the way musicians and producers are no longer earning money for their hard work.
There was a quote from one of the speakers during one of the sessions in which he said, “Musicians need to be business professionals and not just musicians.” (Approximate to the actual given quote.) The music businessman is definitely correct in his words regarding how many musicians tend to fail since they don’t treat their art in a more business matter and only assume that their musicianship is supposed to hold them together. What makes for music artists more successful than others, isn’t the type of music they play, it’s about those who actually a business minded about their craft instead.
The film industry is a tough medium to handle. Movies are being pirated online and that also cuts down on the profits on theatre movies. Most movies just aren’t too great in all while the average person goes to see a movie in theatres merely because it’s an action flick and they’re swarmed in by the special effects. Overall, people don’t have time to sit and watch a movie for two hours. Also, when dealing with millennials, they have a short attention span and only anything longer than two or three minutes, they will lose interest. Watching live concert footage has been a crave for those who can’t attend a due to either money issues or location, thus giving the viewer the feeling as if he or she was there in person to see their favorite artist(s) perform.

Bring various means of entertainment to people as a whole is the most competitive concept to date. Companies such as Microsoft and Apple are pushing their limits against yet alongside one another even though for 2015, both are offering VERY different products to consumers. The competition has pressured many major companies to extreme measures to make sure they have the best yet most affordable. Devices of varying kind have been on the retail market for a while, but not many people know how to develop for them or even use. There are so many ideas, yet, so many of them are a copycat of another in some way. Who makes the best products? It’s about who has something to offer at the easier accessible way, usually by means of a smartphone or even a portable tablet at the very slightest.


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