“Hangover Part 3”

The humor of this movie is best laid out until the very end shortly after the credits start rolling!
In the beginning, Chow (Ken Jeong) escapes a Thai prison. Because he’s known for his trouble making, he has become a wanted fugitive heading back to America.
Alan (Zach Galifinakis) has an argument with his father (Jeffrey Tambor) which leads his father to suffer a heart attack. At the funeral, “the wolfpack” are present to support Alan for his loss. Alan’s mother seeks an intervention for Alan with the help of his friends: Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Doug (Justin Bartha). En route to help Alan, the guys are hijacked by Mitchell (John Goodman) who knows the guys have contact with Chow and he wants his $21 million in gold bars. Doug is taken for ransom until the Chow is brought to Mitchell.
Alan has been unbeknownly exchanged emails with Chow and the other guys go to meet up with him. Chow has Phil, Stu, and Alan help him to retrieve gold from “his” house, only to find out that they had broken into Mitchell’s house instead. Chow escapes and the manhunt to Las Vegas to capture him, is a bit of a reminiscent of what happened there to begin with several years back.
Eventually Chow is captured and given to Mitchell in exchange for Doug to be alive. When Mitchell threatens the guys, Chow pops out of the limo and shoots Mitchell and his bodyguard, saving the wolfpack. Chow keeps the gold and the other guys set off to go back to their normal life.
Along the way, Alan meets a woman played by Melissa McCarthy who owns a pawn shop in Las Vegas. In the end, Alan marries her 6 months later.
Shortly after the credits start rolling, another scene pops up of Phil waking up on a hotel floor and Stu comes out of the bathroom with women’s panties and a breast augmentation. Alan and his new bride are on the floor. The last thing Alan says is, “The wedding cake is a gift from Chow.”
So expect a part 4!
Reminder, don’t sit with people who don’t laugh during movies. There’s a lot to laugh about!

Movie grade: A-


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